Brick and Concrete Cleaning Calvert County Maryland

concrete cleaning

Is it time for a concrete cleaning?

Do you have brick or concrete that looks like this?

Did you try to wash it and could only do this?

concrete cleaning HO attempt

Did you know that most of that “dirt” isn’t dirt. It’s a combination of algae, mold, bacteria, a lot of nasty stuff, and it’s right outside your house! Plus it doesn’t look good either.

Did you know that it’s very slippery when it is wet?  A guest, friend or family member could slip and fall! This is the same with concrete sidewalks, concrete around your pool, wood decks… any flat surface that is walked on.

With the right equipment, experience and know how brick and concrete cleaning is easy!

Watch this video.

concrete cleaning

For the best cleaning you have to know and understand the surface you are cleaning first. You also have to know what it is that you want to safely remove from that surface. We do!

Gutterdogs does concrete cleaning, house washing, wood restoration, no pressure roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, inside and out, and we even do dryer vent cleaning.

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concrete cleaning after

Yes this is the same house. To effectivly clean you must understand the surface and what it is to remove. To remove it safely and the longest lasting method of cleaning.

Simply pressure washing with high pressure damages the surface and simply spreads the “dirt” all over the place. Concrete and brick is pourous. Simple pressure doesnt get into all of the little nooks and crevices. It’s not a complete cleaning. It can damage the “creme” which is the top smooth layer of the concrete. High pressure can dislodge the mortar between the bricks.

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Roof Cleaning Calvert County Maryland

roof cleaning beforeThinking about roof cleaning? Does your roof have ugly Black stains on it? Wondering if cleaning your roof is an option versus replacing? Replacing a roof costs thousands, while roof cleaning costs about 10% of what it costs to replace.

Roof cleaning, What is that on your roof?

The black stains are a living organism called gloeocapsa magma. Of course there is moss and lichens too. All living organisms feeding on the limestone in your shingle.

Roof cleaning methods:

There is cleaning a roof with a pressure washer and without a pressure washer. Even light pressure dislodges the granules in the shingle. This method to clean a roof also doesnt really get down into the rooting structure of the organisms eating away at your roof. So this roof cleaning method doesnt last as long. The other method is to kill everything on your roof. This method produces a longer lasting roof and a better looking roof too!

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Roof Cleaning Calvert county Maryland

roof cleaning before
Looking for a roof cleaning service in Calvert county Maryland?

 Roof Cleaning, lets get started!

 Look no further! Our method uses no pressure to clean your roof. No pressure means no damage to your roof. I’ve personally seen a garden hose cause granule loss to a roof in Calvert county Maryland.

Our Roof Cleaning Method

 Our method  follows RCIA and ARMA guidelines and does not void roof warranties.
 We offer a 2 year and 5 year guarantee for homes in Calvert county Maryland! Guarantee? Yes we guarantee the stains will not come back on your roof, complete roof only, 2 or 5 years depending on which plan you choose!
 We also clean sidewalks, decks, houses, scrub the outside of the gutters, we clean the inside too, mold remediation on brick we even clean dryer vents! The number one cause of home fires!
roof cleaning after
This home recieved just that! Our “home makeovers” make you house just POP! So if you are thinking of selling your home this service will help you sell your home quicker, and help get you more money for it too!
 Over 300 dollars was saved on this home with combined services versus each service by itself!
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 No we dont remove trees!
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Roof Cleaning Calvert county Maryland

Need a roof cleaning in Calvert county Maryland?

…Like to save some money on that roof cleaning?

Gutterdogs roof cleaning service is about to offer, once again our “early bird” special!

This “early bird” special starts January first, and lasts for 2 months and is for roof cleaning house power washing, deck cleaning, or any combination for residents in Calvert county maryland!

Be the first on your street to have a house washing, a new deck or a clean roof, Save hundreds!

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