Looking for a concrete Pressure Washing service in Maryland?

Thinking about hiring a pressure washing service? There are some things to thing about. Do they use high pressure, a turbo nozzle with a zero degree tip? Did you know the surface of concrete, the “creme” take 100 years to fully cure? So some care must be taken with concrete cleaning. Are they going to use soaps to aid in the cleaning or straight water pressure? Are they going to use a wand, and with that wand are they going to use that turbo nozzle, I mentioned earlier?

Well here we go, the “creme”, what gives concrete it’s smooth look, it’s not as tender as wood or roof shingles but care on the surface must be done. Typical concrete cleaning with a fan tip wand leaves lines of dirt in the concrete, and show up soon afterwards. Can damage the “creme” and become very noticable a few months later. The use of a turbo nozzle can do way more damage! And leave lines. The best use I’ve found for a turbo nozzle is the removal of rust on metal, Really!


Our method for concrete cleaning.

First we spray a soap on the concrete, what this soap does is loosen up the dirt, so we dwell it on the surface for a short time. We use what is called a surface cleaner. After the soap on the concrete has dwelled long enough we use that surface cleaner to wash your concrete. The concrete soap has loosened up the dirt on the surface so much that a low pressure surface cleaner does the rest! This method does not remove rust stains. For rust an acid is needed and extra cost. After cleaning the concrete a brightener is needed, sometimes, for desired results, and that is included at no extra charge. If you watch the video below, our method for cleaning concrete is safe, leaves no lines, and superior whitening of the concrete.

pressure washing

concrete pressure washing before


pressure washing

concrete pressure washing after





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