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Our Complete Roof Cleaning Lasts about 5 years!

Roof cleaning just makes sense? Did you know that the black stains on your roof are a bacteria? GloeoCapsaMagma, “GCM”, the black stain,  is in the cyanabacteria family. Bacteria, mold, moss, etc living on your roof too! Our no pressure roof cleaning method causes no loss of granules. Our roof cleaning method treats the stains etc. as a pest.  Your roof will the same as it was before, less the growth on it. (That was feeding on your roof) Causing a shorter life of your roof. The black stains ,GCM, are gone right in front of your eyes. The moss and lichens turn white. They become brittle and eventually flake off the roof.

  RCIA certified roof cleaners only use a no pressure technique. Even Low Pressure Is just too much pressure. It will cause granule loss.

The PH of rain is 5.6, Our mix is 11, city water is 8. Because of the PH of rain being slightly acidic it helps reactivate the soap and giving a secondary cleaning and providing a hostile environment for future growth on your roof .

Owens Corning feels that because of the contraction and expansion of the algae, it causes granule loss, and shortens roof life. Bad algae growth can raise the edges of the shingles, and make them more susceptible to being blown of in the wind! A dirty roof can, and will “infect” the neighbors roof’s. The mold from the roof can wash down onto the paint, driveway, etc, and start growing.

Maintain your roof with non pressure roof cleaning

Why choose a non pressure roof cleaning? Pressure, even low pressure, can cause damage to your roof. Why take the chance, even with a “low pressure” roof cleaning?

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