Roof Cleaning Southern Maryland

Roof Cleaning Southern Maryland

Our Company offers the best and safest roof cleaning service to Southern Maryland.  Southern Maryland includes PG county Maryland, Charles county Maryland, Calvert county Maryland and St Marys county Maryland.

What is Roof Cleaning?

Our roof cleaning service removes/kills the living organisms on your roof. The results are seen the same day. It is good to keep your roof clean. Proper maintenance of your roof, like other things around your home will save you money in the long run. How much would it cost to replace your roof? Our pricing to clean it and make it look brand new is about 10% of the cost to replace it.  Other companies/services/products  offer results that take much longer. Sometimes it takes 6 months to a few years to begin to see the results. Yea, Really! I don’t know about you, but I would like to see what I paid for the same day. Some products, like zinc strips, do work. Zinc strips take a few years, and only work a foot or 2 below the strip. Can you imagine a roof full of zinc strips? Some other roof cleaning methods require pressure. Using pressure to clean a roof obviously sounds like not the best idea. These companies/methods will hide pressure washing by calling it a low pressure rinse or wash. Pressure washing a roof can and will void your warranty. If the shingle companies know this, you should too!

Our roof cleaning method

Our proven method to clean roofs provides affordable same day results. Before we leave you have a new roof, at a fraction of the cost to replace it! Our roof cleaning method is a non pressure method that has cleaned hundreds of roofs in Southern Maryland before yours. We do not void warranties. Give us a call for a free roof cleaning estimate 240-355-1110 or fill out the form on this site.

roof cleaning southern maryland

roof cleaning southern maryland before

roof cleaning southern maryland

roof cleaning southern maryland after


Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning

Southern Maryland roof cleaning, What is this all about?

Do you have those ugly black stains on your roof? Are you wondering if a roof cleaning might be an option to replacing the roof? Are you selling your home?….We will get to that later.

Chances are very good, that roof cleaning is an option for you! Save about 90% of what it would cost to replace it.

Here is an article from the Washington Post about those black stains.

We will sum up some of that article next, with some our own thoughts. The black stains on the roof are a living organism. An airborne spore that travels from roof to roof. The black stain is a bacteria that feeds off the limestone in the shingle. The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Assoc. and Owens Corning (roof shingle manufacturer) says, that there is only ONE way to wash shingles. That method is a NON pressure method. Even low pressure could cause damage.


Here is a before and after picture of a roof cleaning we have done.  It may look like yours?

roof cleaning before

roof cleaning after

We offer a safe non pressure method for roof cleaning in Southern Maryland.

We service all of Southern Maryland. As you can see, our roof cleaning results are instant!

We offer other cleaning services too, ..not just roof cleaning. We offer a low pressure siding cleaning, with WAX!, mold removal on brick and concrete, Rust stain removal, Gutter cleaning, Dryer vents.  So much more.

Selling your home?

This is what I was talking about up top. Save some money, and have us do it all for you, in one day!


Give us a call today for a fast free estimate 240-355-1110,

Our Website.

Still not convinced?

We offer a 5 year no stain guarantee on complete roof cleanings!

We have been cleaning roofs for well over 5 years now. We feel confident with our guarantee.

Give us a call 240-355-1110 and we would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about cleaning your roof in southern Maryland. We want you to make an educated decision.

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Roof Cleaning Upper Marlboro MD | non Pressure Washing

Choose the Safest and Longest lasting Roof Cleaning

There are a few companies now, out offering roof cleaning services in Upper Marlboro Maryland. Roofs cost a lot of money to replace. So here are a few things to think about. Maintaining your roof. We know that Clean roofs, free of organisms, organic stains, last longer. So should I have my roof cleaned? That’s a no brainer. Who do I call  for a roof cleaning service. What method does that company use to clean my roof. Do they offer any written guarantees,  How many roofs have they done? What are people saying about that company, their reviews? Are they insured?

Reviews and our reputation on roof cleaning

GutterDogs has around 100 video testimonials.  Actual customers that were so pleased with our work, they were willing to say something nice about the quality of  our work and our service. These video testimonials range from roof cleaning, siding washes, gutter cleans etc. We invite you to click on the Youtube icon top right and visit our Youtube page.  You might see someone you know. We even have videos showing our process of roof cleaning.

After our first year with Angie’s List. We’ve won the Super Service award at Angie’s List for 2014. Only The Top 5% of service providers there, get this award.

Our roof cleaning method

GutterDogs uses a safe non pressure method to clean roofs. Our method is approved by ARMA, Owens Corning and GAF. Any other method to clean shingles can and may void your shingle warranty. With our no pressure method.  The black stains are gone same day, before we leave your home, and if you have any moss or lichens on your roof they turn white. They become brittle and flake off over a short time. Trying to pressure wash off the moss and lichens can wreak havoc on your roof because of the rooting structure of the same.  We believe we have cleaned more roofs in Southern Maryland than anyone else.  We are so confident with our roof cleaning. We offer a free 5 year guarantee that your roof will stay free of any organic stains, on whole roof cleanings only.  We are insured. We are a certified roof cleaner with the RCIA, and NSWA.

Here is a before picture of a roof that may look like yours?

roof cleaning before

non pressure roof cleaning before

Here is the after pic of that roof cleaning,

roof cleaning after

non pressure roof cleaning after

We invite you to look around our website.  Gain as much knowledge and information as you need to make an educated  decision. We also offer other services too. We offer a bundle program. This bundle program basically saves you money.  We call it deals on combined jobs.


If you are on Facebook, Google +,  or twitter etc.  and if we have impressed you please click the share icon below to share this with your friends.

Fill out the form or call us today! 240-355-1110

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Safe Roof Cleaning Upper Marlboro Maryland

Have a stained roof in Upper Marlboro Maryland? Looking to get it cleaned with the safest method and the cleaning to last the longest?



roof cleaning fail


Our Safe roof cleaning method uses no pressure up on your roof,  in Upper Marlboro Maryland. We use a safe, approved by ARMA, Owens Corning, and GAF,  non pressure method to clean your roof. Not just to clean your roof but to sanitize it as well. Our method uses no pressure on your roof cleaning, and gives instant results and our cleaning lasts the longest. On whole roof cleanings we offer an unconditional 5 year guarantee, the roof will stay clean, happy and healthy.

Roof Cleaning is more than just curb appeal or the appearance of the roof. The stains on your roof are living organisms that are breaking down your roof.  Some companies try to fool you and call it “rinsing” or low pressure, its still pressure washing. Any pressure at all on the shingles can damage and remove the granules in the shingle.

Gloeocapsamagma, “GCM”, the black stain, is an airborne bacterial spore, that travels from roof to roof. It is clear, when it first lands on your roof. Over time the “GCM” grows and builds a UV protection barrier. That is the black color you see.

Here is a before picture of an infected roof, that may look just like yours?

aa 1

Here is the same roof after we cleaned it:

ana 13

It’s still a lil wet. This roof is as clean of dirt and organisms as a brand new one.

Gutterdogs offers other services too. see our website or give us a call. Ask for mike. We can offer a bundle package on combined jobs, while we are there.

On a side note GutterDogs has won the coveted Angies List super service award for 2014!

roof cleaning



If you live in Upper Marlboro Maryland and have a dirty roof, give us a call, 240-355-1110




Roof cleaning Maryland

Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning In Maryland

Roof cleaning is an absolute must not only for curb appeal but for extending the life of the roof. Algae, lichens, and moss are not only unsightly but they also cause roof damage over time as the microorganisms feed on the roofing material. If you are planning on selling your home then consider cleaning your roof to recover a few more dollars in the sale price. Many homeowners lose thousands of dollars in a sale because homebuyers misinterpret a dirty roof to mean a roof that needs repairs. For the price it takes to get the roof cleaned, the return on investment is very significant. Without a doubt, it is well worth the investment.
There are several roof cleaning methods but not all of them might be safe for your roof. For this reason, you need the services of an insured roofing expert to ensure that only non-pressure cleaning is performed. Also, the quality of the cleaning products is equally as important as the cleaning method used.
That is why more and more customers in Maryland rely on the trusted services of GutterDogs. utilizes only those roof cleaning methods that are proven to be safe for all roofing materials. Our methods are approved by ARMA, Owens Corning, and GAF.
Also, provides a 5-year No Stain Guarantee for all whole  roof cleaning services. We are confident in our workmanship and professional delivery and customers appreciate the fact that we not only stand by our work but guarantee it.

bowie 1

bowie 7


Roof Cleaning Arlington Virginia

Reasons for Roof Cleaning in Arlington:

I’m sure you have done your homework. What that is on your roof in Virginia. What those living things are doing to your roof. Remember Pac Man? An eating machine! Same thing.

1. If you are selling your house. Think about it. They pull up, see the roof, drive away. They think the roof needs to be replaced. Forget about that new fridge you put in there.

2. You are thinking about selling your house and you have a dirty roof. Get a roof cleaning! Our cleaning last longer than a couple of months! Written guarantee.

3. You plan on dying in your house and want to spend as little as possible on maintanance. Especially the most expensive part. The roof.

Well that’s the reasons I’ve seen for Roof Cleaning.

Gutterdogs is new to Virginia. Brand new. We will bring the same quality and competitive pricing as we have done in Maryland, for non pressure roof cleaning to ARlington Virginia.


Roof Cleaning Arlington Virginia

Dirty Roof? Searching for Roof Cleaning in Arlington Va?

What is that stain on your roof? Can it be fixed/cleaned? Or do I have to replace the roof? We can tell you exactly what it is. Check out our roof cleaning page. If you havent done any homework. That will get you started.

In your search for more education search “Goleo capsa magma”.

What roof cleaning method is safest for my roof?

There are only 2 methods, ways, to restore a roof. One method is with pressure. The other is without pressure.

There are many companies that use low pressure to wash your roof, and the soaps they use vary. That is really funny!  The one thing in common is the pressure washer?

Gutterdogs uses a non pressure method, for your roof cleaning needs, in Arlington Va.

Our method to clean your roof, is the only method approved by ARMA, GAF, Owens Corning.

Here are some happy customers!

roof cleaning testimonial

Roof cleaning testimonial

roof cleaning testimonial

roof cleaning testimonial




Schedule a Roof cleaning in Arlington Virginia today!

Call 240-355-1110

roof cleaning before

roof cleaning before pic


roof cleaning after

roof cleaning after



Roof cleaning Howell Michigan 48843, Got Ugly Shingles???

Got ugly shingles and thinking about roof cleaning as an option, vs replacing the roof?

Got the black stains on your roof and wondering if it can be cleaned safely? There are some things to think about, with what is out there for roof cleaning, in Howell Michigan.

As with all the exterior cleaning services Gutterdogs provides. The first thing is to understand what needs to be removed, especially roof cleaning. Not just go at everything with high pressure. Consider the granuels on the shingle. Just over time they fall out with age. Now consider putting a pressure washer on those shingles. We have seen many roofs that have been abused by this method. They look fine right after, but only a few months later…

Watch this video:


The black staining, making your shingles ugly, is a bacteria called Goleo capsa magma.

GCM for short, has a rooting structure in the shingles. Even low pressure will cause granule loss. That shortens the life of the shingles, and can void any warranty on that roof.  The next thing to understand is how did my shingles get ugly, why should you clean them? The organisms living on the roof, Yea! living organisms, are eating your roof! Shortening the life of it. Insurance companies are finding this out too! We will get to that in a moment.

What we have seen is that once the GCM has taken a good hold on your roof. The next thing that shows up on the roof is moss and lichens. NOW time is really running out, to save the roof.

Before and after pics of non pressure roof cleaning:

Here is a before picture of an ugly roof.

roof cleaning before

roof cleaning before pic

Here is an after picture after the roof cleaning of that same house:

roof cleaning after

roof cleaning after

I almost forgot. The insurance companies.

Watch this video:

The insurance companies are getting smart. So should you. And give us a call for a FREE estimate on a non pressure roof cleaning today.





Roof cleaning service in Maryland

Need a roof cleaning and live in Maryland?

Are you confused about what those black stains are on your roof?

Those black stains are a bacteria called Goleo capsa magma. Everyone agrees on that.

Should you get a roof cleaning? What’s the big deal???

Your roof is being fed upon by these black streaks. It will only get worse.

If you are selling your house these black streaks may make the possible buyer of the home think it needs to be replaced, when it just needs to be cleaned.

Also a well maintained roof will last longer.

roof cleaning before

roof cleaning before pic

Now the method to clean the roofs here in Maryland, things start to differ.

Gutterdogs has been perfoming safe no pressure roof cleanings for working on 5 years. Those roofs are Still clean!

Some companies use a pressure washer on your roof. They call it “low pressure”. Any pressure is too much.

Things differ with the soaps they use to wash your roof too.

Gutterdogs only uses what the ARMA (American Roof Manufacturers Assoc.), GAF and Owens Corning, (shingle manufacturers) reccomends. And the method to apply the solution.

Any other method voids their warranty.

roof cleaning after

roof cleaning after

For your roof cleaning needs in Maryland you should call Gutterdogs.

We offer a written 5 year guarantee, that your roof will stay clean, and serve PG, Charles, Calvert county Maryland.