Pressure washing Maryland

pressure washing maryland

How we get the soap up there

Thinking about hiring a pressure washing service in Maryland?

Well there are some things to thing about when hiring a pressure washing company. Does that company carry liability insurance? how long have they been in business? Do they have referals of their work? Do they speak english? Are they using high pressure to clean?

High pressure washing does damage to surfaces.

Did you know the use of high pressure cuts window screens, setting ladders against the siding can crack the siding leaving areas for water to get in and rot the wood structure of the house? High pressure gets behind the lapping of the siding too.


Our low pressure washing method:

our method to clean surfaces uses low to no pressure at all. The reason we use a pressure washer is to pump the exact soaps up to the surface to clean.

The trick to clean a surface, be it a roof cleaning, house wash, concrete cleaning, or wood cleaning etc. is to know the surface, What to use on it for the desired results, and to know how much pressure is too much for each surface and stay below that. You could read this in a book I guess, but we have been doing this for years now. Nothing is better than experience! We hold liability insurance and are bonded.

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We wash beyond your expectations, Have tons of written testimonials, and lost count of how many video testimonials we have.

Go with a company that has a track record of proven results and dont take a chance with an unknown company that gives really low pricing.

The BBB states that most of their complaints come from the lowest bidder. If the pricing is too good to be true, It probably is.



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