Thinking about a roof cleaning in Benedict Md?

Roof cleaning just makes sense? Roof Cleaning is more than just curb appeal. It’s the life of your roof as well. These organisms, gloeocapsamagma, GCM, is what the black staining is. Then there is moss and lichens. These organisms are shortening the life of your roof. They are a pest eating your roof. Cleaning your roof with a proven non pressure method will add years to your roof at a fraction of the price of replacing it! Our proven non pressure roof cleaning method does no damage to your shingles and provides instant results.

Roof cleaning Guarantee

We offer a free 5 year guarantee that your roof will stay free of organic stains, on whole roof cleanings.

roof cleaning lusby md before

roof cleaning lusby md after

War of 1812

In the War of 1812, Benedict was the location where the British Army led by General Robert Ross landed on August 18, 1814, after having fought fierce naval battles with American naval forces in the Patuxent. From Benedict, the British began their march to Washington, D.C., ultimately burning that city before finally being stopped in the Battle of Baltimore.[4][5]

[edit] Civil War

Benedict was the site of Camp Stanton, constructed in October 1863 for the Maryland 7th Regiment.[6] Camp Stanton was also the location where the Maryland 19th Regiment of the United States Colored Troops was formed on December 19, 1863, with freed slaves who were purchased for their freedom by the United States Government to serve as soldiers.[7] This unit distinguished itself at the Battle of the Wilderness.[8] Some of its members included the Rev. William Saunders Crowdy and his brother Daniel of a plantation in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.[citation needed]

A school was established on the site to educate the black soldiers, most of whom had had no education when they were slaves. The school was run by Samuel C. Armstrong.[9],_Maryland

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