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roof cleaning beforeThinking about roof cleaning? Does your roof have ugly Black stains on it? Wondering if cleaning your roof is an option versus replacing? Replacing a roof costs thousands, while roof cleaning costs about 10% of what it costs to replace.

Roof cleaning, What is that on your roof?

The black stains are a living organism called gloeocapsa magma. Of course there is moss and lichens too. All living organisms feeding on the limestone in your shingle.

Roof cleaning methods:

There is cleaning a roof with a pressure washer and without a pressure washer. Even light pressure dislodges the granules in the shingle. This method to clean a roof also doesnt really get down into the rooting structure of the organisms eating away at your roof. So this roof cleaning method doesnt last as long. The other method is to kill everything on your roof. This method produces a longer lasting roof and a better looking roof too!

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