Thinking about a roof cleaning in Nanjemoy Md?

It’s more than just curb appeal. It’s the life of your roof as well. These organisms, gloeocapsa magma, GCM, is what the black staining is. Then there is moss and lichens. These organisms are shortenig the life of your roof. They are a pest eating your roof. Cleaning your roof with a proven non pressure method will add years to your roof at a fraction of the price of replacing it!

roof cleaning lusby md before

roof cleaning lusby md after

The Southern-sympathizing area saw occupation by a large force of the Union army during the early part of the American Civil War, with an encampment of about 12,000 soldiers near Chicamuxen,[1] a few miles (kilometers) north of the Nanjemoy area.

The sunken hulls of dozens of scrapped wooden World War I boats are still extant and visible at low tide at Mallows Bay, along the Potomac River in the Nanjemoy area, the location of what is regarded as the “largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere[2]

Famous people born in Nanjemoy include Raphael Semmes,[3][4] captain of the Confederate cruiser “Alabama“, and Matthew Henson,[5][6] with whom Robert Peary explored the Arctic in 1909 and with Peary may have discovered the North Pole.,_Maryland

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