Thinking about a roof cleaning in Rock Point Md?

It’s more than just curb appeal. It’s the life of your roof as well. These organisms, gloeocapsa magma, GCM, is what the black staining is. Then there is moss and lichens. These organisms are shortenig the life of your roof. They are a pest eating your roof. Cleaning your roof with a proven non pressure method will add years to your roof at a fraction of the price of replacing it!

roof cleaning lusby md before

roof cleaning lusby md after

Rock Point was named for the rockfish, or striped bass. Today Rock Point is largely a vacation land, but in the early 20th century, Rock Point had a large hotel serving summer vacationers and winter duck hunters, a steamboat wharf and warehouse, and a sizable general store. Fish were caught by a net hauled between two boats at some distance from each other, a method then called “Hauling Seine“. Rock Point also had an oyster shucking and packing plant, which served as a crab steaming and picking plant during the summer months, enabling the shipment of finfish, oysters and crabs in season to restaurants in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. The packing house was owned by three prominent Rock Point families, named after two of them as “Hill & Lloyd” with the third (silent) partner being one John William Furbush (1887-1963). Today, Furbush Lane at Rock Point is named after him. One of his descendants, a grandson, James Carroll Simms (1928 – present), is the author of Searching for Identity, Truth and Meaning.,_Maryland

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