Did you know that traditional methods for wood cleaning with pressure uses nothing more than high pressure and water? Also did you know that high pressure does damage to the wood? It’s called “furring” of the wood. It actually looks like fur? It needs to be sanded. Unnecessary damage to the wood, and extra work to make it right. Is there a better safer way to make your deck or fence look new without damaging it? A uniform cleaning of the wood? The answer is Yes!

Our 4 step process for wood cleaning.

First we apply a stripper, if there is already a water sealer, stain, whatever on the wood, or we apply a gentle cleaner on the wood if it’s just grayed old wood with no sealer or stain on it. We let it sit on there for a lil bit and do it’s job. Then the finger nail test to see if there is new looking wood below the cleaner. We wait till desired results. Then we power wash the wood with very low pressure, you can put your hand under it. While the wood is still wet we apply a “brightener” to the wood. What has happened to the wood, durring the gentle cleaning process, is the PH of the wood has changed. To bring the PH back to normal a mild acid is used. It brings the PH back to zero. During the cleaning process a mild caustic was used, and that pulls the tennin out just a lil. What is tennin? That is the dark lines in the wood. I always ask the Home owner to watch this part. It’s like our roof cleaning process, Just like magic the wood brightens right in front of your eyes. Well can’t leave the brightener there, so the final, 4th step, is to gently rinse it off. Brand new wood minus what you wanted to remove. This method provides a uniform wood cleaning in Maryland and NO damage.

See low pressure wood cleaning in Maryland demo below

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