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Just want to say thank you for another great year so far, being your cleaning service.
Bought another truck, a lil 4 banger. This will help keep cost low, so we can do the same for you!
Gutterdogs does gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, House washing, concrete cleaning and even dryer vents! lol!!
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Dryer vent cleaning in PG county Maryland

dryer ventNeed a dryer vent cleaning, and live in pg co md?

How do you know if you need one??? It shouldnt take more than an hour to do a normal load of clothes. Thats a major sign either dryer exhaust or heater coil, if it takes longer. A clogged vent can make the temperature increse in side the dryer and melt the heater coil.

I think its like keeping your gutters clean. Gutters and downspouts have a purpose, so do dryer exhaust. If not maintained you can get drywall damage, rotten fascia board, gutters start falling off the house! And if you dont maintain your dryer… Your house catches on fire?

Give Gutterdogs a call on that dryer vent cleaning!

We will do it for half price! If included with any other service!!!

Did you know not cleaning your dryer vent is #1 cause for fire?

dryer vent

This is the worst one I ever seen! Rental property. Landlord replaced the dryer, still same probs. Called us.

Well for starters that wire mesh a big no no. Clogs easily. Look in the tubing! Sometimes we give homes their First dryer vent cleaning. This I think is one.

Did a vent in Charles county one time. Real nice young couple! Took them 3 hours load of clothes! That was many years ago and we have washed their roof and house, scrubbed their gutters and cleaned their sidewalk since then!


Gutterdogs does dryer vent cleaning in PG, charles and Calvert Maryland!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning in PG county Maryland

Dryer Vent cleaning is the #1 cause of home fires in PG county Maryland.
Get a dryer vent cleaning at half price if included with any other service we provide!

You could be surprised at what we get out durring a dryer vent cleaning. Here is a video explaining the importance of regular dryer vent cleaning.
Dryer vent cleaning in PG county Maryland

dryer vent cleaning pg county maryland

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