Roof cleaning Howell Michigan 48843, Got Ugly Shingles???

Got ugly shingles and thinking about roof cleaning as an option, vs replacing the roof?

Got the black stains on your roof and wondering if it can be cleaned safely? There are some things to think about, with what is out there for roof cleaning, in Howell Michigan.

As with all the exterior cleaning services Gutterdogs provides. The first thing is to understand what needs to be removed, especially roof cleaning. Not just go at everything with high pressure. Consider the granuels on the shingle. Just over time they fall out with age. Now consider putting a pressure washer on those shingles. We have seen many roofs that have been abused by this method. They look fine right after, but only a few months later…

Watch this video:


The black staining, making your shingles ugly, is a bacteria called Goleo capsa magma.

GCM for short, has a rooting structure in the shingles. Even low pressure will cause granule loss. That shortens the life of the shingles, and can void any warranty on that roof.  The next thing to understand is how did my shingles get ugly, why should you clean them? The organisms living on the roof, Yea! living organisms, are eating your roof! Shortening the life of it. Insurance companies are finding this out too! We will get to that in a moment.

What we have seen is that once the GCM has taken a good hold on your roof. The next thing that shows up on the roof is moss and lichens. NOW time is really running out, to save the roof.

Before and after pics of non pressure roof cleaning:

Here is a before picture of an ugly roof.

roof cleaning before

roof cleaning before pic

Here is an after picture after the roof cleaning of that same house:

roof cleaning after

roof cleaning after

I almost forgot. The insurance companies.

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The insurance companies are getting smart. So should you. And give us a call for a FREE estimate on a non pressure roof cleaning today.